Multiple Tags Not working

I have a column "acceptedCurrency" with type as "Tags". The source of this column is a SQL query. When I click on Select Options, I am getting list of options (or Tags) and when I select multiple tags from the list, they go into the Postgres DB as well (The data type of this column in DB is Varchar). But on retool I do not see any data and it always shows "Select Option".

When I change column type from "Tags" to "String" then values show up.

Any idea what's happening here?

Hi @Tejas_Akadkar Thanks for reaching out! What is the format of the accepted currency data within getDraftMetadataMX?

If it's a comma separated string, you may need to do some transformation in the mapped value for Accepted currency

If it's an array, it should be working :thinking: One thing to keep in mind is that the value in the table row will need to match the values (not the labels) in the Options list.

Sometimes it's helpful check on Allow custom values to see if the values show up properly in the table. If they do, there's likely a mismatch between the Option list values and your table data

I think it is working. Splitting items by comma worked.
Thanks for this @Tess

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Glad to hear!