Multiple select queries on one request?

Is there any good way to make multiple select queries in one request and get t\he data loaded into multiple data arrays?

Use case: You have a lot of lookup tables (states, order_status, shipping_type and so on) or you are getting a list of invoices plus the first row’s line-items. It would be a lot more performative to use one database connection rather than a half dozen or more.

Edit: Oh, and I should clarify I am using Azure SQL server. I mainly dev in the .Net stack and there are ways to return multiple result sets in a single command. Not sure if it is possible with the tools you have, but my googling does confirm it is a bit of an unusual request.

A Retool capable compromise may be to do just one request to Retool and it does the multiple connections to the server and then returns the results back in one shot. That would certainly help the performance.