Multiple filters applied to the same table

Hi Y'all,

I'm building my first app and generally getting the hang of it. I have a single table with a few "filters" (e.g. status, true/false checkbox, assignee).

The assignee is linked to a query and the others are handled through event handlers. What I'm struggling with is how to ensure they all play nicely. They all seem to acknowledge the assignee filter. The other filters (those done through event handlers) work in isolation but not together.

Example Filters:
Assignee = John Doe
Boolean = True
Status = Complete

If I change the boolean to false via the checkbox I'll still see all the data for John Doe (expected) but now the Status filter is ignored (unexpected). It still shows "Complete" in the filter but it's showing all rows irrespective of status. Similar dynamic if I change the status. The boolean is no longer impacting the table. Any tips on how I might approach this?

Hey @Eddie!

Good to see you in Office Hours today :slightly_smiling_face:

Just want to mention here as well that a good pattern might be to use a Query JSON with SQL query to add additional filter logic to your table if you're looking to apply multiple filters in the frontend and have them respect each other.

For other folks stumbling across this thread, a good pattern to use is described here. Feel free to play around using the attached app!