Multiple action attached to mobile top right corner

Almost everywhere in Retool mobile, I can assign multi step actions like below

But right and left action of mobile page is an exception, only single step.

Here's a use case

  • Using a single form for upsert
  • Distinguish from new(insert) and edit(update) based on a state_variable
  • Depending on where the form is called, have an action to assign 0 or 1 to that state_variable

So right now I can't have a pencil icon(edit) in top right due to lack of multi-step.

There're multiple ways to workaround this. It's just constancy in detail is always a nice touch

Hey @rxunique, I've created an internal feature request to allow configuration of multiple events on Left and Right actions!

As you said there are numerous workarounds. In case it's useful to others, you could trigger a chain of events (trigger event 1, event 1 triggers event 2, event 2 triggers event 3 etc.) or you could write out the events programmatically in a JS script and trigger the JS script.

Since this has come up as a common point of confusion before, I also just want to take this opportunity to share broadly that multiple event handlers configured on the same event will be run in parallel, not as steps.