Multipart upload files

Does retool support multipart upload?
for context me and my team are trying to upload a 4GB video, the S3 recommends using
multipart upload for a file bigger than > 100Mb.

Hey Denny!
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The uploads from Retool is multipart AFAIK, but if you can provide a tad more context to where your large file is coming from, it's easier to push you in the right direction :-).
Is it one that you're uploading with the File Picker component from your local device, or where is it stored today?


Oh more context is I want to split 1 big file into separate smaller files and then upload it to the S3 or via our backend, is it possible here in retool?

Right now, I can upload video files below 2GB using a custom component using these tips [how-to] Upload large files to S3 - #8 by Drew

When it has more than 2GB the S3 just receive 0Mb and the upload process become instant without error

Yeah, you can't push that much into memory over the backend. As Retool has a lot of great built-in security, especially in terms of accesses and permissioning, this isn't handled directly through the frontend when using the file pickers (thankfully!).

Maybe if you use the S3 Uploader component, it's handled peer-to-peer from the user to S3? I haven't tried this myself, but would be my recommendation to play with.


Yeah, I've tried using S3 Uploader | Retool Component Library as a solution, but the result is still not as expected because we still can't upload videos of more than 2GB. So we come up with an idea by uploading in multi parts (by splitting into smaller sizes) but I'm not sure if it's supported in Retool

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Can you check in the console's Network tab if the request is sent directly to the bucket with a pre-signed PUT-method on the S3 URL, or if it routes through Retool?