Multi-tenancy app

Hi there,

I’ve only just started playing with retool and have limited knowledge of building an app.

I’d like to build a multi tenancy web application that has a provisioning flow for the user which is triggered from a crm event.

I would then like to have their be an admin of a tenancy who can invite users into the app.

Is this possible with retool?

Hi @Ben_Scholz , welcome,

I don’t quite get what you mean with a multitenancy app and what the retool app should do.

The user is created in the retool app? Or in the crm and the crm should trigger the app?

Ideally I want businesses to purchase access to the app which automates their access and sends login details

Then, when the admin signs into the app, they can invite their staff into the app also

I’m looking for a single instance of the app rather then deploying to each business

Hey Ben! Would something like our Portals product be helpful here?