Move or copy components to a different screen

I've searched this forum in the hope I would find a method to duplicate a screen with all of it's components. But I couldn't find one. Is there one? Otherwise it would be a great feature to have. We can duplicate components. But I don't think it's possible to move those components to another screen. This would also solve the problem of having to create the same screen again if you just want a slightly different screen from the original.


I am looking for the same option.

Any news about this issue?

Never mind - didn't realize this was for mobile

Agreed, a duplicate screen option would be very useful. +1



Right now you can copy paste components from one screen onto another, would that be able to solve your issue?

Thanks for the feedback, we're trying to iterate and improve the current screen/component editor ergonomics (ie duplicate screen, drag component into other screens) and this is very helpful!.

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How do you copy them to another screen?

The other features you mentioned are really nice to have.

We also need modules for mobile. I think it’s only possible for retool and not retool mobile.

+1 for ability to duplicate screens. Surprising it's not there.

I'd also add that adding and changing the order of components on a screen can at times be very unpredictable and very frustrating.

Thank you all for the +1s & feedback! You can currently copy individual components:

+1 to DUPLICATE A SCREEN with the requirement to rename the dupe. Rather this than copy individual components over to another screen.