Modulo operation in SQL

So I found a code that shows me what the date for every first Monday of the Month.. I turned it into my own code showing me what the date is for every Tuesday and Friday of the month since I have a client who likes me to bill her with that information attached.... I'm lazy so I spent 3 hours finding a faster way to find out.. go figure... and it works! But I don't know how. It does me no good to not understand it. So can someone please explain to me what this line of code with the "integer%6" is saying. The "%6" is really throwing me off!

Looks like a modulo operation Modulo operation - Wikipedia

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You know it does! I had to go and read back up on it but I got it working! Thanks, man! I guess my head was in the dev world and not the math world but I forget the two are always synonymous! :joy:

Hi Matt! As alex-godin mentioned, that does in fact look like a modulo operation. Always important to understand the code!