Modules releases not available in editor but is available on preview mode


so this morning I was working on a module and was having some issues when using it inside an app. The module was running a query to an external DB, and when using the app I was getting not-found messages related to the query in question.

After doing some debugging, I've noticed that in fact the app was not using the latest version of the module as expected. At some point I noticed that module releases can be created from the preview too, after doing this the issue was fixed.

I was wondering if this is the expected behaviour?, I wasn't able to find it on the docs :sweat_smile:.

Sharing it in case someone else is having a similar experience.

Hi @adam_feeld! I submitted this as a bug to our engineering team. I'll reply on this thread when I have an update. Thank you for posting the solution that worked for you in the meantime!

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