Module output value behaving differently than when editting

Hello Community!

I created a module that allows the user to select products, define a quantity and a sale price. This would then be the detail for a sale or a purchase order. This can be used in may places this is why i created it as a module.

This module is based on a listView. I can create an array of products.

I store the products array structured like this:

  productId: null,
  productQty: 1,
  productCost: 0

And then I assign the this value to an output, to be called in parent apps.

When I am building this module, everything works OK. The "products " variable gets updated each time I change any field with the new values. I can add products, change prices and everything. However, when I use this in another module, when I change the values, the output values behhave incorrectly, different than how they do when editing the module.

Is this a bug? Is there something that I am not considering?

product selector.json (43.2 KB)
new order.json (100.9 KB)