Module menu item app references are not Github synced between instances

Hi, not sure if it's a bug or not but I am working with 4 separate Retool instances that are all connected to 1 Github repo. When I was protecting one of the apps that is used as a page, it prompted that it'll also protect the dependency module which is used as the main navigation. On PR merge my other 3 instances got updated with that module and app but after I'd also set protection on other page apps that use the same module the modules in the other 3 instances didn't get the updated app references in their menu items so I had to manually re-select the apps that each menu item in that module points to in 1 one of the instances. After that the remaining 2 instances got updated with the same app references.

Hi @azim Thanks for posting! Apologies for the delay on this topic

:thinking: It's interesting that it resolved after the manual change in one of the instances. Have you run into this issue again since your original post? I'm not seeing any known bugs related to this, but I can do some further testing!

Hi @Tess, I haven't experiencing this bug again. We'll monitor for any similar issues within the team. Thanks!

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