Modified Split Button Functionality

I'd like a way to use the Split Button component in a slightly different way than it currently functions.

Screen Shot 2022-11-12 at 8.20.35 PM

What I'd like to happen is than when I click Option 2, it just treats that as a button click (same as clicking an option from the list of a Dropdown Button component). I thought I could maybe get this to work with an event handler, but it doesn't seem possible.

Currently, if I click Option 2, it changes the action of the primary button, and I have to make 2 clicks to accomplish my task.

You are using the exact pattern I want for the Preview button in the top right of the editor.

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I figured out a very hacky solution to achieve the behavior I wanted. I think it will work ok if (like me) you just want to use it for a short static list of options.

I also had the same suggestion here:

If you would like that as I did yours, we quadruple our power of persuasion!