Modal's self closing based on dropdown focus?

I've noticed a behaviour that I don't understand.

Using the new(er) modals, I have one modal that opens another. Initially I can see that both modals are open and that's fine. However, as soon I as give focus to anything within the modal, the "parent" closes. Obviously the problem then is that when I'm done with the child modal, I no longer have the parent which messes up the flow of the application.

To get around this I have created a variable to store what the parent modal was so that when I'm finished with the child modal, on close, I can then reopen the parent but it's not ideal and probably wouldn't work in a more dynamic use case.

Is this expected behaviour, should I be looking at this differently?


Hi @Ross_Coombes, This should be fixed now! :crossed_fingers: Let us know if you're still seeing any issues