Modal Disappeared only see it on explorer

We have made a lot of changes In our app, and we just found out that a modal exists on the explorer but I'm not able to see it on the App, we can't rollback is there any solution?

Have you tried using the 'Code search' feature in the left navigation? if you search 'modal36' and click it, it should take you to the modal.

code search

The other spot worth looking at is the 'Component Tree'. The new modals are created there as modal frame.

This is a legacy modal, so your app should contain a button somewhere with the text "Update Change Credentials." A common strategy for our users was to nest these buttons in a hidden container and open it programmatically. Is it possible you're doing that? You can check via the Component Tree.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us! I agree with everyone's suggestions here!
Also feel free to utilize the State tab to select the component as well!