Modal component is gone from Retool library


All of a sudden the modal component is gone from Retool library and I cannot find it.

It is a critical component in our organization apps and it MUST return ASAP.

Thank you

Hey Michael - The modal was deprecated for the new modal frame component, do you see that show up in your component list? If not, for now you can enable deprecated components in settings -> beta -> deprecated components -> refresh edit page of app


For reference, many use cases for modals did not require and was even a bit awkward to have a button tied to it, so we decoupled them. If you want to open/close the modal with button/UI elements/queries, you can still do so. You'll just need to handle the events connecting the pieces together as needed! :smiley:

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And just to add a bit more detail on this change, the new modals are now frames similar to main, header, sidebar, etc. which more closely aligns with how they're used in apps (taking focus of entire page). You can then control them in your app as usual via whichever components, event handlers, and queries you need!

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Love the modal frames. However, the one thing stopping me from using it is the inability to set the width with % or pixels. You can only select a few predefined sizes. And the complete inability to set a fixed height.

Are there any plans to add this to modal frames?

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Ahh yeah, we definitely want to get to the same and more customization abilities as the previous one, but everything might not be quite there yet. So no harm in using the previous modal (under deprecated components feature flag in settings -> beta if you don't see it) if you need that currently!