[Mobile] Server Side Pagination (Cursor)

I noticed that in the Mobile Components used to build a mobile App the "Table" Component isn't available.

I use a Firestore query to get results from the server.

  • The GUI Mode just offers me to use the Cursor Pagination, which is something the "Collection" Components doesn't offer
  • The raw mode of the firestore query allows me to give it a offset. However the raw mode can't be triggered automatically. Also there is no option to trigger an event on pagination button press.

Please either add:

  • Cursor Pagination for the Collection component
  • allow triggering a raw query from the pagination buttons of the collection component
  • allow automatic triggering of raw querys

Thanks in advance, love your tools :slight_smile:

Hey @Kai_B! Check out this post by @Paulo on how to start setting this up.

Instead of relying on the automatic trigger based on page number, you can have the button 'Click' event handler run a script:

The script can:

  1. Sets the page number of the collection view (using await syntax)
  2. Triggers the Raw Firestore query

Let me know if that works for you!

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