Migration error

I was trying to migrate production environment to staging.
Miserably failing first time overlooking primary keys ending up being text instead of UUID
I wiped staging db clean. But trying to migrate schemas got this error.
Double checked, NO tables in staging. What is it am I doing wrong again?

CREATE TYPE asset_type_enum_da79c719 AS ENUM ('Stationary Buoy', 'Quadruped', 'ROV', 'Subsurface Sensor', 'Drift Buoy', 'Weather Station', 'ASV Mascat', 'ASV BlueBoat', 'ASV Mako', 'Jaibot Hydro', 'UAV Drone', 'UAV Wing');

CREATE TYPE modem_type_enum_faf3bea5 AS ENUM ('SWARM', 'LTE', '4G', 'Lo-Ra', 'Wi-Fi', '433 Mhz Radio', '868 Mhz Radio');

CREATE TYPE signed_enum_ae22341d AS ENUM ('float', 'signed', 'unsigned', 'bool');

CREATE TYPE status_enum_1bb2e76d AS ENUM ('Scientist', 'Project Lead', 'iSENSYS Employee');

CREATE TYPE unit_status_enum_97771b29 AS ENUM ('Unassigned', 'OFFLINE', 'Not Deployed', 'Idling', 'Collecting Data', 'Traveling to', 'Returning home', 'Following Pattern', 'ALARM', 'DRIFTING');

CREATE TYPE sensor_type_enum_ebc44b32 AS ENUM ('Weather Station', 'System', 'Water Quality', 'Waves', 'Current', 'Chemical', 'Oil', 'Location', 'Plant', 'Audio-Visual');

DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS get_days_since_last_non_zero_metric;
CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION public.get_days_since_last_non_zero_metric(current_project_id integer, metric_column_name text)
 RETURNS integer
 LANGUAGE plpgsql
AS $function$
    max_date TIMESTAMP;
    days_since_last_message INTEGER;
    EXECUTE 'SELECT COALESCE(MAX(' || metric_column_name || '), NOW()) FROM asset_data WHERE asset_id IN (SELECT id FROM assets_db WHERE project_id = $1) AND ' || metric_column_name || ' <> ''0'''
    INTO max_date
    USING current_project_id;

    SELECT EXTRACT(day FROM AGE(NOW(), max_date)) INTO days_since_last_message;

    RETURN days_since_last_message;

CREATE TABLE projects_db (
    id int4 NOT NULL,
    project text,
    dri text,
    status text,
    expected_launch_date date,
    description text,
    picture text,
    latitude numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    longitude numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    ph_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    ph_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    wave_height_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    wave_height_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    signal_to_noise_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    signal_to_noise_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    messages_in_queue_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    messages_in_queue_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    current_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    current_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    battery_voltage_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    battery_voltage_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    ambient_light_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    ambient_light_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    temperature_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    temperature_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    orp_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    orp_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    turbidity_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    turbidity_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    transmissivity_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    transmissivity_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    dissolved_oxygenen_concentration_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    dissolved_oxygenen_concentration_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    dissolved_oxygen_saturation_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    dissolved_oxygen_saturation_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    depth_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    depth_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    barometric_pressure_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    barometric_pressure_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    total_dissolved_gas_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    total_dissolved_gas_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    chlorophyll_blue_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    chlorophyll_blue_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    chlorophyll_a_red_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    chlorophyll_a_red_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    rhodamine_dye_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    rhodamine_dye_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    phycocyanin_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    phycocyanin_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    cdom_fdom_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    cdom_fdom_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    optical_brightener_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    optical_brightener_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    tryptophan_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    tryptophan_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    fluorescein_dye_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    fluorescein_dye_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    ptsa_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    ptsa_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    refined_oil_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    refined_oil_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    crude_oil_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    crude_oil_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    ammonium_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    ammonium_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    nitrate_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    nitrate_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    chloride_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    chloride_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    sodium_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    sodium_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    calcium_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    calcium_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    bromide_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    bromide_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    photometric_par_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    photometric_par_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    carbon_dioxide_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    carbon_dioxide_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    wind_speed_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    wind_speed_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    wind_direction_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    wind_direction_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    air_temperature_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    air_temperature_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    wind_chill_temperature_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    wind_chill_temperature_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    relative_humidity_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    relative_humidity_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    dew_point_temperature_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    dew_point_temperature_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    magnetic_compass_heading_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    magnetic_compass_heading_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    heading_relative_to_true_north_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    heading_relative_to_true_north_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    latitude_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    latitude_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    longitude_min numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    longitude_max numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    timezone int4 DEFAULT 0,
    CONSTRAINT projects_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)

CREATE TABLE users_db (
    id SERIAL,
    created_at timestamptz DEFAULT now(),
    first_name text,
    last_name text,
    email text,
    phone text,
    notes text,
    status status_enum_1bb2e76d,
    picture text,
    CONSTRAINT users_db_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)

CREATE TABLE assets_db (
    id SERIAL,
    created_at timestamptz DEFAULT now(),
    asset_type asset_type_enum_da79c719,
    asset_name text,
    custodian_user_id int4,
    project_id int4,
    latitude numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    longitude numeric DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    firmware text,
    deployment_date date DEFAULT now(),
    photo text,
    alarm_drift bool DEFAULT false,
    alarm_impact bool DEFAULT false,
    alarm_tilt bool DEFAULT false,
    propolsion_alarm bool DEFAULT false,
    status_solar_carging bool DEFAULT false,
    status_led bool DEFAULT false,
    modem_list jsonb DEFAULT '{}'::jsonb,
    sensor_list jsonb DEFAULT '{}'::jsonb,
    alarm_leak bool DEFAULT false,
    unit_status unit_status_enum_97771b29,
    icon text,
    CONSTRAINT assets_db_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id),
    CONSTRAINT assets_db_custodian_user_id_fkey FOREIGN KEY (custodian_user_id) REFERENCES users_db (id),
    CONSTRAINT assets_db_project_id_fkey FOREIGN KEY (project_id) REFERENCES projects_db (id)

CREATE TABLE modem_db (
    id SERIAL,
    modem_type modem_type_enum_faf3bea5,
    address int4 DEFAULT 0,
    login text,
    password text,
    management_console text,
    notes text,
    photo text,
    in_use bool DEFAULT false,
    asset_deployed_at int4,
    CONSTRAINT modem_db_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id),
    CONSTRAINT modem_db_asset_deployed_at_fkey FOREIGN KEY (asset_deployed_at) REFERENCES assets_db (id)

    id SERIAL,
    created_at timestamp DEFAULT now(),
    asset_id float8 DEFAULT '0'::double precision,
    swarm_message_id int8 DEFAULT 0,
    hex_message text,
    CONSTRAINT hex_db_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)

CREATE TABLE sensor_db (
    id SERIAL,
    sensot_type text,
    sensor_notes text,
    days_between_calibration int4 DEFAULT 90,
    sereal_number text,
    in_use bool DEFAULT false,
    data_quality int4 DEFAULT 0,
    last_calibration date DEFAULT now(),
    photo text,
    metrics jsonb DEFAULT '{}'::jsonb,
    asset_deployed_at int4,
    metrics_captured jsonb DEFAULT '{}'::jsonb,
    sensor_type sensor_type_enum_ebc44b32,
    CONSTRAINT sensor_types_db_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id),
    CONSTRAINT sensor_db_asset_deployed_at_fkey FOREIGN KEY (asset_deployed_at) REFERENCES assets_db (id),
    CONSTRAINT sensor_db_sereal_number_key UNIQUE(sereal_number)

CREATE TABLE metrics_db (
    id SERIAL,
    scaling float8 DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    units text,
    description text,
    "offset" float8 DEFAULT '0'::double precision,
    signed signed_enum_ae22341d,
    size int2 DEFAULT '0'::smallint,
    column_name text,
    image text,
    image_dark text,
    resolution int2 DEFAULT '0'::smallint,
    device_id int4,
    CONSTRAINT metrics_db_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id),
    CONSTRAINT metrics_db_device_id_fkey FOREIGN KEY (device_id) REFERENCES sensor_db (id)

CREATE TABLE raw_message_db (
    id SERIAL,
    created_at timestamptz DEFAULT now(),
    raw_message text,
    asset_id int4 DEFAULT 0,
    swarm_message_id int8 DEFAULT 0,
    CONSTRAINT raw_message_db_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)

CREATE TABLE struct_db (
    id SERIAL,
    class int4 DEFAULT 0,
    payload text,
    CONSTRAINT struct_db_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)

CREATE TABLE asset_data (
    id SERIAL,
    created_at timestamptz DEFAULT now(),
    timestamp timestamptz DEFAULT now(),
    latitude float8 DEFAULT '0'::double precision,
    longitude float8 DEFAULT '0'::double precision,
    wave_height float8,
    signal_to_noise int8,
    messages_in_queue int8,
    current numeric,
    battery_voltage float8 DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    ambient_light int8,
    temperature numeric,
    ph numeric,
    orp int8,
    turbidity int8,
    transmissivity int8,
    dissolved_oxygenen_concentration int8,
    dissolved_oxygen_saturation int8,
    depth numeric,
    barometric_pressure float8,
    total_dissolved_gas int8,
    chlorophyll_blue int8,
    chlorophyll_a_red int8,
    rhodamine_dye int8,
    phycocyanin float8,
    cdom_fdom int8,
    optical_brightener float8,
    tryptophan int8,
    fluorescein_dye int8,
    ptsa float8,
    refined_oil int8,
    crude_oil float8,
    ammonium int8,
    nitrate int8,
    chloride float8,
    sodium float8,
    calcium float8,
    bromide float8,
    photometric_par int8,
    carbon_dioxide int8,
    asset_id int4,
    swarm_message_id int8,
    modem_id int8 DEFAULT '0'::bigint,
    wind_speed float8,
    wind_direction int4,
    air_temperature float8 DEFAULT '0'::numeric,
    relative_humidity int4,
    dew_point_temperature int4,
    magnetic_compass_heading int4,
    heading_relative_to_true_north int4,
    wind_gust float8,
    wind_lull float8,
    uv float8,
    precip int4,
    lightning_strike_last_distance int4,
    lightning_strike_count int4,
    timezone text DEFAULT 'America/New_York'::text,
    CONSTRAINT buoy_data_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id),
    CONSTRAINT asset_data_asset_id_fkey FOREIGN KEY (asset_id) REFERENCES assets_db (id)

CREATE TABLE sample_users (
    id SERIAL,
    name text,
    email text,
    signup_date timestamp,
    role text,
    enabled bool,
    CONSTRAINT sample_users_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)

CREATE TABLE mobile_app_sample_data (
    id int8 NOT NULL,
    name text,
    email text,
    sales int8,
    image text,
    CONSTRAINT mobile_app_sample_data_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)