Microsoft Teams: user@odata.bind parameter missing from "/chats" POST operation

The "user@odata.bind" parameter seems to be missing from the /chats POST operation on the Microsoft Teams resource.

Here is the request I'm making along with the error response. As you can see, it requires the "user@odata.bind" which requires a value in the following format according to the Microsoft Graph API documentation here'8b081ef6-4792-4def-b2c9-c363a1bf41d5')

When I click on add parameter, the "user@odata.bind" parameter is not available to select and there is no where to add a custom parameter.

I'm not sure if this was missed during development of this resource or if the Graph API changed since the integration in Retool was implemented.

Maybe I am doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Hey @Andrew_Woloszyk! I've submitted a bug report to the engineering team responsible for the resource connections. I'll update you here as soon as I get any additional information from them.

Hi Joe,

Is there any update on this? Thanks!

Hey @Andrew_Woloszyk. Looks like that parameter isn't listed in the Microsoft Teams Open API spec, which is why it's not showing up in the Retool UI. We have an internal report detailing the issue, but no ETA on any fix as of now. I'll update you as soon as I get any additional information.