Microsoft Teams Missing from Resource List

We are currently running self-hosted v2.119.3. Based on the article here I was expecting that Teams would be an available out of the box integration:

However when I go to create a new resource Teams is not in our list -

Where are you, Teams?

Maybe you need to update? I'm on cloud v 2.121.0 and I just noticed today that it's available.

We're running the most recent self-hosted version available, 2.119.2, which was released on 5/19. The documents state that it should be available if you're running 2.119+

Hey @illumination!

I definitely see that callout in our docs, let me check with the team now :eyes:

In our self-hosted changelog, there doesn't seem to be any mention of the new Teams Integration and based on what you're seeing, I assume the changelog is accurate and our docs are not.

Cloud's changelog does mention the new Teams integration!

Aha! So it's actually set to launch on on-prem version 2.123, though there is a flag I can enable for on-prem version 2.119 if you'd like earlier, potentially buggy and not-compatible-with-the-final-version access :sweat_smile: Let me know!