Microsoft Graph OAuth 2.0 "share credentials between users" fails

I am having trouble connecting to Microsoft Graph. This is my setup:

The connection works when I disable "Share credentials between users" - I get an Access Token and a Refresh Token. However, when I enable "Share credentials between users", the Authentication flow fails:

This seems odd, because the redirect URL seems to be configured correctly in my Azure Portal. Besides, from Microsoft's point of view, both authentication requests should look the same, regardless of whether credential sharing is enabled or not, right? So why does one succeed, and the other one fail?

Any help is appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

I solved it myself. Turns out, enabling "Share credentials between users" changes the OAuth callback URL.

For me, this was not easily discoverable, since the callback url is at the very top of the OAuth section, but the "Share credentials" checkbox is at the very bottom. I submitted a suggestion for improvement.

Hi @Imiddelberg, welcome to the Retool community!

I apologize for any confusion due to the callback URL's issue. Please rest assured that our team is working on addressing this specific matter. Your feedback and findings have been invaluable, and I have taken the initiative to include your input in our internal tickets for enhanced visibility.


Thank you so much @lmiddelberg - it took me quite a bit of struggle to finally find that this is the issue. Even just a HINT on the page when you enable it would be super helpful, you don't have to change your entire codebase, just document things.