Microphone Recording Quality Questions

Hi, the documentation on the microphone feature is pretty sparse.

Is this feature recording in mono or stereo?

What codec is the file returned in and what bitrate?

We have a huge number of audio files to record and don’t know if we can use retool vs. something like addpipe.com

Hello. I’m a Retool engineer and an audiophile.

I tried out the component and it recorded a webm with the Opus codec and 48kHz/mono and 32 bits per sample (all browser defaults from what I understand).

We use navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ audio: true }) and MediaRecorder without specifying any configuration. I’m guessing that the browser decides what codec/bitrate/sample-rate to use.

Since my mic’s are all mono, they’re likely a terrible test for Audiophile use-cases. I recommend trying to record on your target hardware, save the file (right click on the audio to do this) and examining the “Media Information” (using VLC or something like that).

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