Methods/properties of FullCalendar events are not working as expected

Hi, I'm trying to implement some basic functionality using your FullCalendar component.

But the problem is, if I use any properties/methods from the FullCalendar documentation, nothing happens or it says the function doesn't exists.

So my question is very broad - how the calendar works and does it work actually?

E.g. I don't want change displayed title of a selected event after a button click:

calendar1.selectedEvent.setProp( 'title', 'Testing updating title' )
calendar1.selectedEvent.title = 'Testing updating title'[i].setProp( 'title', 'Testing updating title' )[i].title = 'Testing updating title'

None of these works. Should it work? Should I do something differently?

Additional info:

When I try to edit event via the default UI, it fails with "cannot read property of null" in console.


Hi Sykac! Unfortunately, these are immutable variables in the component; there aren't any methods that can update this. You can try using the custom component instead if you'd like to set these variables dynamically.