Max filesize upload limit

Hello guys, what is the current limit for uploading a file? The articles mention 40MB but I was able to upload 111MB to AWS S3.


Thank you

Hey @riskaone, thanks for flagging this issue!

The 40MB upload limit is for any file that needs to pass through the Retool backend. At the moment, the S3 resource generates a signed URL for upload and then the upload happens directly from your browser so it doesn't run up against the same limit. This hasn't always been the case though and the docs could use an update.

You guys definitely changed something here because it definitely was the case that the S3 upload component was silently failing to upload files greater than 40MB. Can we at least get confirmation of what the new limit is (if any?). And whether any other components have been changed to allow uploads larger than 40MB? And PLEASE when changes like this are made...update your documentation. It would save everyone time and energy to have accurate information available. Thanks.

Sorry for not updating these two threads @corytomlinson!

There shouldn't be a hard limit now. This is true for the GCS resource too. Neither is built specifically to support massive uploads though. Since the upload happens via a signed URL directly from the browser you might find that larger uploads don't behave as well since they may run up against hardware and network limitations. It behaves similarly to the workarounds that existed for uploading large files.