Mapping objects doesn't work as expected

Hello dear community, could you please advise, why it doesn't work this way?

I Still get the whole object in the output.

You would need to map that object to get the name... or transform the data to only be "name"

Without an example of your data(or even fake data as long as the structure is the same), it's hard to say exactly how that should be written

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Sorry, do i expect too much from 'Mapped value' field?))
I thought i can do it without map().
If i use map, where and how should i put it. Please direct. I get confused all the time with this magic fields like 'mapped value' And it turns out that i need to do everything before that somewhere

here is the example of data
{ "attributes": { "type": "Account", "url": "Account/001Dp00" }, "Id": "001Dp00", "BillingState": "Oregon", "County_Name__c": "District - Michigan", "BillingCity": "Burne", "BillingPostalCode": "12832", "Name": "Potato" }

Even this way doesn't help(

Have you tried {{self.Name}}. Note that upperCase N ! :slight_smile:

Lol. Yep, i have tried. The problem i guess, that the self object is escaped for some reason maybe?

and self name always returns the full object(

I have found one possible solution to this with transformer, but why the system doesn't parse the JSON field itself?

So it this the only right solution? I feel it is wrong((

Hey @Bogdan_Mind! Just took a look at this thread and it seems like your data is returning a string instead of an object:

So your current solution of parsing the data, then accessing the key in the self object, actually looks great! Is it still working for you? :slight_smile: