Mapbox - GeoJSON, Points not showing

I'm trying to plot some points using GeoJSON as i would like to add some features like colors, which is not possible using the "simple" point mechanism.

Unfortunately i am not able to show point that way. I'm using the following code with the GeoJSON field.



Using the "prefilled" polygon marks the Golden Gate Park (works as expected).

What am i doing wrong?

Hey @StefanDorschu!

You should be able to color your points using the Style field of the Map component. You can read more about how it can be configured in the Mapbox docs there are also a few community posts I've seen with people trying to do similar things that might be worth checking out (thread 1, thread 2, thread 3). Hopefully those are helpful! Let us know here if they raise any questions :slightly_smiling_face:

My problem is not to style it at the moment, but that the points do not show up at all.
Or am i not able to set marker using GeoJSON?

Ahh I see, I had missed that!

You may need to remove the quotes from your coordinates, the following seems to work for me:


  type: "FeatureCollection",
  features: [
      type: "Feature",
      geometry: {
        type: "Point",
        coordinates: [6.843212603274455, 51.52107619053958],


  type: "circle",
  paint: {
    "circle-color": "#f00",

Ah, i think the main problem was that i did not set a styling. I thought there would be a default styling :slight_smile:

Thank you