Many to many grid component

Suppose you have two tables with a join table creating a many to many relationship. I propose a sort of grid component used to represent join tables, where each cell represents an existing or non-existing entry in the join table (perhaps with a checkbox). Checking and unchecking a checkbox can then create, delete or update entries in the join table.

Hi @gasperblk Thanks for this feedback!

I'm wondering if this could be solved with the current table component? Could you share some context on how you'd like this grid to behave differently?

For example, I have a join that combines two tables from Retool Database (if you have a join with data from different sources, you could use a Query JSON with SQL query as the table data source). The gray columns are from the users table:

You could then have a delete functionality that triggers delete queries for both tables, an add functionality that adds records to each table, and you could make the table editable. You'd essentially trigger two queries for each event; one for each table