Manual Query keeps running automatically when Ranger Slider value is used

When a SQL query uses the values from a range slider. Each time the slider changes, the query is run, even if that query is specifically "manually triggered" and has no "watched inputs".

This is stopping us from creating a good user-experience for the user, we have a bunch of sliders that need to be set BEFORE clicking a button to get the results, but now, each time a slider is touched everything is run and makes the app very slow and buggy.

How to replicate
1- UI with Simple table and Simple range slider
2- SQL query that uses slider.value.start and slider.value.end (in a between statement)
3- Make the query manually triggered
4- Change the slider, the query will be run regardless

Hi @AAZ Thanks for reaching out about this! I'll post on this thread when our team ships a fix for this bug!

This bug should be fixed now! Let us know if you're still seeing any issues

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