Manual Inputs not connected to main App

I created a form that saves the manual inputs made by our users but I am not able to connect this re-tool database to our query (We are using Postgresql live data). Is there a way to directly keep on showing the manual changes on that app?

Hi @Wissam Thanks for reaching out! I'm not sure I'm understanding what the issue is yet. Would you be able to share more details & screenshots of what you're working on?

Are you looking to persist the manual changes in your Postgres database?

The first screenshot show's my table and from which DB I am getting this data. The second is a column that I created using re-tool's function. In that column I want to populate the input given from the form to the column. I have created a re-tool database to save the input of the form. The issue is that I am not able to re-connect that database so that the data are visible. There is a primary key in the table charge_id and in re-tool i am also getting the charge_id from the form. @Tess

Hi @Wissam,\

Can we see Is it a select query that gets the form inputs from the Retool database? It looks like it's evaluating to null :thinking:

Are the form submissions being saved to the same table that references? Or, is it that the table data doesn't include the reason of failure?

If the reason of failure is not included in the failed charges table, I'm imagining that the process would be as follows:

1). Retool database query saves the input of the form.

2). On success of the Retool database write query, trigger a select query that reads the new updates to Retool database.

3). Reference that select query in your custom column. If the data structure is an object of arrays, you could do something like this: