Management of tags (multiselect) in tables

Using "tags" (multiselect / list )
I created a record from Multiselect input in a form

It saves data into the database as an array : empty or with several data separated by comas

But in tables, despite values are set, the column remains empty

In can update the cell via the table
it's ok in the changeset array

But error when updating (because there is no string delimiters, it considers the coma separator as a field separator)
(error message : upd_modeles failed (1.603s):update modeles set options = 1, 2 where id = 1)

These are the update via GUI parameters

If I'm not wrong, there is unconstistency of behaviour between new tables and the rest of the components regarding the management of multiselect

Environnement : MySql

Thank you Gabe for this post. Have you tried transforming the array to a string? You can use the transform functionality in the query tab to do so.

Hello Grace, thank you for your reply
Yes I did the transformation.
I was only pointing out the difference of behaviour between form and table.
When I save from the form, the format is the array, and the selected values are shown in the field
But the same data created by the form is not dipsplayed in the list.
That was the point

Have a great day