Managed db limits or maintenance


I have been running into some issues in my environment. A number of times a day I am unable to work on my apps. One app that runs a query at startup doesn’t even show up in the GUI editor. I can see the components in the left panel, but the app components are never drawn on the screen. The strange thing is I am able to use the data editor sometimes when this happens.

I tried to create another app when this happened. I added a container with a single text label. I am able to enter text in the label but as soon as I enter a JS expression like {{ }} the output stops updating in the label. I can see the current_user global var in the left pane so am pretty confused what is happening. Is there routine maintenance or anything that would explain this?

Thanks for any help,

Hey @Erik, and welcome to the community! We have had a bit of downtime over the past few days, which could explain some of this weird behavior. In general, refreshing and clearing my browser cache tends to solve this issue. Are you still running into problems?