Manage table edit cell with jsquery

Hi i got the following app

its a basic table so when user select one product and put qty and click Blue button it adds to a temp table those values then after user finish press another button to save to the db. My issue is i want to allow qty edit in the tmp table in the column 'Cantidad', but not sure how do to it, i just enable column edit i can just enable edit and pass tru the real sql query that changed value? or what you guys recommend me

thank you

You could use Bulk Upsert in GUI mode to upload the entire temp table I would imagine if the temp table data is constructed correctly

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when i say tmp table is in memory after i click generate button it should then arrange all required columns, update date etc to sql. im not sure if i need js for this as i can have one or more products, and for each product i need to create one line in sql

Do you want to add the product into the db each time a product is added to the table or do you want to add all Products listed in the table to be added to the db at once?

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correct add all to db at once im creating this transformer, not sure if works

// trMakeBulkInsertArray
let newData = [];
let items =  {{}}

items.forEach(item => {
      transaction_id: {{ guardarTXN_ID.value }},
      product_id: item.product_id,
      variation_id: item.variation_id,
      quantity: item.Cantidad,
      created_at: item.created_at,
      updated_at: item.updated_at,
      added_by: item.added_by
return newData

and i want to be able to change edit the qty value

sample video so if user wants to change qty its allowed inside table, so they wont need to remove all item and put it again