Making mobile version

I have tried to make a mobile version of my container, containing textInputs, when I realised it's probably impossible. So here are the steps I followed.

  1. Created container with text inputs in desktop version.
  2. Copied the same container into mobile version, but adjusted the size so it will snap to edges nicely.

Then I noticed my inputs in mobile version have different names(appended 2). So mobile and desktop version are sharing the same components. The only option is to create updater queries from scratch for mobile versions? This will be nightmare to create, because I have number of text inputs as well as maintain it. All I wanted is to have container to look good on desktop and to snap to edges on mobile. If I leave only desktop, then I have a tiny controller on mobile screen. Otherwise I have giant container on desktop.

Hey @Pablo!

Happy to help here! I think what likely happened is that you made a distinct copy of your desktop container and pasted a separate instance of them.

If you're looking to have the same container component (and child components) show up on both versions, you can select the container (and individual child components) in your desktop version and toggle "Show on mobile"

You may need to delete the copy of all of these components currently shown on mobile beforehand.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

Awesome support, awesome product. Thanks a lot @Chris-Thompson