Making database resources return data as indexed arrays

Database resource return data like this:

  "date": [
  "dl": [

How do I make them return data like this instead:

  {"date": "2023-04-08", "dl": "3"},
  {"date": "2023-04-09", "dl": "8"},
  {"date": "2023-04-10", "dl": "9"},

You can run a transformer when the data is being returned from your api.
You can set this up in your database query here:

With javascript you can map the data to the new layout, eg:

const returnedData = {{ }};

const newData=, index) =>
  Object.assign({}, { date, dl: apiData.dl[index] })

return newData;

This is an example using static data, but in your case

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Thanks :blush: I was hoping for something simpler, that I can easily use on multiple (or all) db resources, but it's nice that this is also an option.

Hey @erusev! I wonder if the formatDataAsArray() method would also be helpful for you :slight_smile:

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@victoria This is exactly the type of thing I was hoping for :blush: Thanks!

Very useful indeed.