Making an http proxy request within a Workflow


I'm creating a workflow that needs to make a request to an external source.
The external source has supplied a proxy server that must be called to get access.

My initial plan was to use Axios to make a request, with a proxy config attached. I'm not having much luck with that - I think it's because of the Axios version that's available in the workflow, as I'm able to run the same code outside of Retool with a newer version of Axios.

Does anyone know how to get around this issue.

Fyi - I can see that my request is reaching the external source, but authorisation is failing because of the proxy issue.


Hey @Simon_Hamilton!

The workflows team working on expanding support for node libraries such that you should have more ability to define the version of the library you're using. I can let you know here when that has been included! In the meantime, I'm not sure of a solution for proxying a specific request. Would you mind sharing the code you're using along with the error you're getting?