Make "show on mobile" true by default

Making mobile versions of Retool apps can be incredibly tedious.

One of the most mind-numbing parts is having to select each component, and one by one, scrolling to the mobile view toggle making it true. Making matters worse, sometimes an error occurs stating that the component "intersects" with another component.

Simply making components visible on mobile by default would go a long way in reducing the frustrations outlined above.


same issue here. Also: is there a easy workaround about the "intersection" issue? This is often not even true as I have two elements which are mutually exclusive, still it tells me they are intersecting.


Agreed. This is super tedious and needs a solution

Wanted to make a new topic, but looks like an almost year old topic already exists. Making a mobile app is way harder than it should be. An easy implementation would be the option to show on mobile multiple selected items. i cant go through dozens of components just to click a button for each one.

We hear you! And are excited to share that we are working on a mobile version of Retool which allows you to build native iOS & Andriod applications. If you're interested, we'd be happy to show you a demo — shoot me an email to set up time!

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Is there an easy way to make components visible on mobile by default? For the time being !!!

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Hi @Nocia87! Ah, so you don’t have to manually toggle on mobile so often? I don’t believe this is possible, unfortunately :pensive: We do have Retool Mobile in Beta though, for a more robust mobile development experience!

Thanks @victoria ;
However, can I have access to this Beta version to test it on my side ?

Let me sync with the Mobile team to double check! Would you mind sharing a bit more about your ideal use case with Mobile? :blush:

Thank you so much @victoria;
I got permission to use the mobile version yesterday, and I currently have it on my Retool instance. Thanks to the Retool team :innocent:

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Hello there!

I'm working closely with the mobile team and would love to hear about your use case and any goals you have with Retool mobile. With it being a new product we definitely want to make sure we're empowering our users at each step so we appreciate any feedback!

Thank you!



We stumbled upon this issue as well and would also be interested in checking out the Retool mobile, where can we request access?

Hey @tiemen.v! Check it out here :blush:

To clarify, this is an issue related to responsive design and not native mobile applications. When a new element is dragged into an application in the "mobile" view, the "show on desktop" toggle is set to false; vice versa for "show on mobile." Thus, for every element, the user must manually set the "show" toggle to true, needlessly inflating development time.

How can a Retool user set the default value for these toggles within the editor?

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 2.54.07 PM

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Ahh, understood! Thank you for clarifying @Ara. Let me see if this is something we currently support. If not, I'll create an internal feature request for this :blush:

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Internal feature request created—will post any updates here going forward!


+1 for this!

Seems like all components should always default to display on mobile and desktop.


+1 for this!

Noted, thank you! :eyes:

I'm very interested to know how to go about laying out components in the mobile view without breaking the desktop view. Currently when trying to turn on components I'm met with the "intersect" error. Trying to guess where to move the intersecting component is just a guessing game. Plus moving in the mobile view will more often than not, break the desktop view.
Is there a process people use that works in a predictable way?
Many thanks!