Make "show on mobile" true by default

Oh weird…we’ll look into this! Out of curiosity, if you toggle the show on mobile setting, does it help at all?

Any update on this? Or do we still have to manually toggle for all components?

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Hey Ethan! Still have to manually toggle for all components :frowning:

I bumped the feature request internally though, so hopefully that helps move this along :pray:

Thank you for checking in with us here as it helps us prioritize!

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+1 for this feature :tired_face: I had to do everything manually

+1 Ridiculous to click "show on mobile" on 30 components... At this point, it's easier to build the UI in code. Why would I even want to choose Retool?

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+1 for this! We want our web app to be mobile friendly so to have this option set or maybe with the app settings to turn this on for all components added to the app. To clarify do not remove ability to toggle individual components, but give us the ability to turn it on for all components added.




For me, I don't want to build an entirely new mobile app - I just want to make a single app with one code base that is mobile responsive. The current desktop app works perfectly for this.

HOWEVER, I've got over the fact you have to manually choose to make everything show on mobile but the hardest and as yet, unaddressed issue here is the intersect issue. I've already got some content showing on mobile and it's working well, but now I want to add some more.. but getting the intersect warning. So how can you fix that to show the new component?

Hi there! Thanks for chiming in and I'm sorry to hear you're running into the intersection bug :disappointed:

For the manual setting to show on mobile, we should have a fix for this soon! We are still collecting some feedback internally, but once this ships, new components will be set to show on "Both" mobile and desktop by default:

For the intersection bug, we don't have a fix yet, but I'll try to bump the ticket internally. Unfortunately, the solution is pretty manual until we can get a fix. If you're seeing an error like "Could not make visible on mobile because component intersects with ComponentName", you'll need to go to ComponentName, and toggle visibility. Sometimes, you will get the same error with another component. Once you get to a component that isn't throwing the error, toggle visibility on that component, and then you can go back and show previous components.

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It is really shocking that such an advanced tool like Retool, now in 2024, can't do responsive design. This is making working with it a real nightmare, much worse than just coding the stuff yourself to be honest.
Every time you want to add something new, you have to go to the mobile view and destroy your layout to try and make room for the new component, and hope for the best because it's very much a trial/error process.

Why does it not just make room by automatically pushing down the interfering element like any visual builder in the world do? That's how HTML works in the end, you add a div somewhere, it will push down the rest of the content.


I already built a nice registration form for public view and making it mobile friendly is a nightmare and seems pretty much impossible.

And please don't suggest Retool forms until it can handle some basic flow logic!

Any update on this? It still doesn't seem to be available in 3.52.1 ...
Thank you