Make it possible to share code globally while respecting published releases

Any preloaded JS code (/settings/code) is shared across all releases (published or not), which defeats the point of using releases.

It would be great if there was a global variable or something like that that would be saved along with the rest of the release information.

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@nacho curious what your use case is here - are you adding new JS code that you only want to show up in a published release?

I have an app with multiple JS queries and they need to call the same functions, so I’ve put them in preloaded JS (is there a better way?). Whenever I make a change to the shared function and leave the app in a temporary non-working state, the users of my app get an error. This doesn’t happen when I change the JS queries because they are handled by the releases feature.

Gotcha, that makes a lot more sense. This is a interesting use case - aligns with what I’ve seen in First class JavaScript functions (with workaround)

We definitely should work on first class JS functions so you can avoid this.


Thanks for the link. That seems like a doable workaround for now. :+1:

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