Make Hamburger menu optional on Navigation Component - Instant action menu!

Ok, I just grok'd the possible best use case for the new Navigation component: As a context or action menu!

I have a bunch of buttons on my order entry page to do various uncommon, but still required, actions on an invoice and it is a messy waste of space.

But I can make a single menu out of the Navigation component to encapsulate all of these functions:

But one major catch that kills the idea entirely: When the width is smaller than about half the screen size, it turns into a hamburger menu:


So close! Hopefully this can be updated soon as I have a couple of places right now where this would make my users' lives easier. Also, make sure that it can propagate i so we can use it as a context menu in the ListView component. Boy I have some ideas on that!

Hey @bradlymathews — great idea for a use case for the navigation component! We actually have a dropdown button incoming this quarter, which I think will be purpose-built for exactly what you need in this context.

(If you've noticed recently, we've been shipping a lot of new components and refreshed versions of our old components as well — this is a major focus for us right now. Stat tuned!)

Hi, sorry for necro'ing this very old thread, but is there any way to prevent the Navigation component from turning into a hamburger menu? It turns into a hamburger much too early width-wise...and let's face it, hamburger menus are awful for UX.


Hi @dzear, The hamburger is avoidable in preview mode if the width of the navigation component is set to be 10 or more canvas columns! Alternatively, you could also use a dropdown button for navigation.

Hi @everett_smith, thanks! Unfortunately this is still not super useful. It would be great if there was just an option that prevents it from ever becoming a hamburger (or you could set a max-width for hamburger). The dropdown buttons aren't a bad idea but the look and feel of the navigation dropdowns are so nice :slight_smile:

Hey folks! We're currently working on an updated Navigation component that will include additional settings for the hamburger (along with event handlers, vertical orientation, and more)! I'll follow up here when that becomes available.

As for the original request here, Dropdown Button should cover it, but please let us know if that's not the case.

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