Make a dynamic list view form with s3 image uploader and preview

I want to make a form where user can add image, I am using s3Uploader and I can upload the images but issue happens when I want to preview them and later edit/ reupload image on old rows. Means if I want to modify 0th row after I have 5 row how do i do it ?
Is there any good way to make this ?

Hey @mpmohi!

You can pass an existing file name to the "Override file name" field to update that file. For instance, if you have your uploads listed in a table the following configuration would have the S3 uploader component overwrite the selected file in the table with the new upload:

Beyond that, using the S3 integration (docs) gives you some more control over the operations you're doing in S3 so that you can read, delete, upload, etc. The following query does something similar in that it overwrites the selected file from table3 but does so with a file upload with a File Input component:

Let me know if that works! If not, let me know how it doesn't! :sweat_smile: