MAJOR BUG? Screen visibility - Hidden value ignored

I am working on a mobile app that requires certain sections not to be visible to certain users.

It was my understanding that screens (that get added to the tab bar) can be shown or hidden as other components can.

The problem I am having now is that the Hidden setting for a screen seems to be ignored: setting Hidden to true does NOT hide the screen and it remains visible. See screenshot:

I assume this is not as intended. Can you please look into it and confirm whether it's a bug or else?

This is a major roadblock for me right now.


Hey @27shutterclicks, it is actually a known bug. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to programmatically decide which screens to display in the tab bar :pensive:

Thanks for surfacing this! I'll bump it with the dev team to get eyes on it.

For now, would it work for you to remove the screen from the navigation bar and direct users to it via components in the Home page if they have the right permissions?

Yeah, I had to rework the UI flow and hide those screens behind other sections and menus where I have control over visibility.

It does add quite a bit of clutter on some pages, because they have a lot of sections serving multiple roles conditionally.

Let's hope this bug won't last forever ;).