Loop on the api response

Hello there

I have a table like below:

And when I click on the ID that is a button it calls and api to fetch the detail of that Id, the problem is I want to loop on the sepecific key of the response called generated_images which contains multiple images then show them in the grid

Screenshot from 2024-03-26 09-00-54

the grid itself has there options

But I don't how to do it, could please tell the solution

Hello amir,

I think the error below the Data source could be the reason for it to not work.

If you do not want to persist the data you can store the response in a state variable or local storage and then use it as a data source for the grid.

If you want to make the Data source drilled down to only the generated_images of singleOrder, you can select Use Javascript from the Data source dropdown & key into the value you want in the grid: