Login codes login codes

I have done some more work on my Log In screens but I have a syntax problem.

I hope there is someone around who understands this.

I am attaching a capture of my screen.

The login checking code is easier to see below:


if email3 = {{localStorage.values.mpwemail}} and password1 = {{localStorage.values.mpassword}}


Any thoughts would be most welcome.


First observation is it looks like you're running some SQL syntax inside a javascript query so that should probably explain the syntax issue.

Yes, you were right.

I have changed the code to a MySQL Query and the coding color is now green but it still doesn't work.

The new code is here:

if email3 = {{localStorage.values.mpwemail}} and password1 = {{localStorage.values.mpassword}}


The error message is here:

CheckLogIn02 failed (0.502s):You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'DELIMITER $$ BEGIN if email3 = 'doncaster319@gmail.com' and password1 = ' at line 1

I am also including a screen capture.

Any thoughts?


I thought I should report on this to finish off the topic.

The solution to a customer login is to click on the app that you want as your start screen, then click "Share" in the upper right. This will give you an URL that you can use for your 3rd part user.

I will build an app in HTML for the log in screen and when they enter the correct user name and password they will to directly to the app.

I will be creating separate apps with databases for each user.

This solves m problem so I will mark this as a solution to close it off.


Hi there! I'm glad you've solved your case :slightly_smiling_face: As it relates to this use case, I wanted to share some notes about log in apps.

1) If you share an app publicly, there is no authentication. Anyone that has access to the public url can access the app unauthenticated (more info here).

2) If you share a viewer url of your app for others in your Retool organization, keep in mind that they'll already be authenticated using the Retool login. You can choose to add an additional log in using resources, if needed. Then, depending on your plan level, they may have certain permissions to view or edit Retool apps. For example, everyone on the Free & Team plans can edit/view any app in the organization.

3) If you'd like the Retool login screen to be more aligned with your brand, you could consider using Retool Portals, which is available on the Business & Enterprise plans.

Hi Tess:

One thing I would like is to have my 3rd party users access their version of the app with the development features turned off. i.e. they can use their app but not make changes to the underlying code.

How do I set that up?


Hi Mike,

Restricting users' ability to edit apps requires the permissions feature which is available on the Business & Enterprise plans.

The Free & Team plans do not support restricting user access

I have trouble following this.
You are really saying that the Team service is for developers only. I did not understand that when I signed on to Retool and put myself on the learning curve.
You have seen comments from @MicExpert and @PatrickMast in a related thread. I think Retool needs to relook at this.