Loading PDF from Dropbox sharelinks with the "raw" query parameter

We are using Dropbox Business and they have this feature where you could use the query parameter "raw" and pass it with the value "1" to force rendering the PDF in a Browser.
Here is a official Documentation for this feature: https://help.dropbox.com/en-en/share/force-download
I tried to use this in retool and I have some issues with it.

As you can see in the screenshot I tried to load it in a PDF field which doesn't work because under the hood dropbox tries to reroute or more specific http redirect the browser which doesn't work in a data field. In the HTML field I used the following markup:

        src="https://www.dropbox.com/s/###################_IP.pdf?raw=1" frameborder="1" scrolling="auto"
        height="1100" width="850">


But it doesn't even load the HTML page. However this works perfectly fine if I try this locally. It runs in chrome v108 and firefox v108 as well.
The third option I tried was the iframe module. And this one is weird. In Chrome its blocked by chrome, which I don't understand because as I wrote before, its loading if I run this html page locally and I even tested it online and it also works at render.com.
However if I load this retool site in firefox the PDF in the iFrame Module loads just fine where as the iframe in the html-module still doesn't work

Is there anything you could do or change to make the PDF load in the iframe module on chrome and / or the PDF Module and/or the html module?
If not which service do you recommend to save PDFs online?

Hey @ben10!

This is very odd behavior. Checked in with the team on this and the best guess is that Chrome is guessing that the pdf is malignant content for some reason. Can you try querying your dropbox URL with a REST query and passing the result directly to a PDF viewer?

Alternatively, if you're able to host the PDF somewhere that you can control CORS permissions and allow the Retool domain you should be able to display the file in the PDF component. Though I realize that may well be an unrealistic lift for this issue.