Loading indicator while parsing file in component "File Dropzone"


We are processing and parsing large Excel files with the File Dropzone component. However, due to the size of these files, the parsing process can consume a noticeable duration.

It takes a long time before our user can continue while the File Dropzone is parsing the Excel file.

Is there a possibility for a "Loading" indicator during the file parsing process? Even better, a progress bar could provide an even more visual update for users, indicating how far the parsing has proceeded.




Hi @PatrickMast,

So there's the parsing property which doesn't seem to work on my end tho.

You could use a combination of the change and parse event handlers to control your loading indicator. change fires right after the document has been uploaded and parse fires after parsing is done.

Hope that helps

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Thanks, @minijohn! Agreed that I don't believe we have a single property for tracking the progress

Depending on the next steps with the file, it might also help to un-check the parse files button on the file component - it's not the most performant - and do the parsing inside a JS query - i think it would be something like: Papa.parse(atob(fileDropzoneComponentName.values[0] ) )

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