Loading indicator and disabled state does not work for Form triggering JS query

I've noticed that JS queries' isFetching property does not seem to work with forms' "Show loading indicator" and "Disable Form Submission" fields.

To reproduce, create a JS query with the following code:

return (async () => {
  const someOtherQuery = (t) => new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, t));
  await someOtherQuery(2000);
  // ...
  await someOtherQuery(3000);
  // ...
  await someOtherQuery(1000);
  // ...
  await someOtherQuery(5000);

Using query.isFetching in the above mentioned form fields will not show a loading indication during as the query progresses.

This problem is also present when I trigger a similar JS query, that may .trigger() other resource queries.