Load module at runtime

I'd like to speed my app load time by loading only the modules that I need at first glance, then lazy load other modules at runtime only when I need them, just like you do in any SPA bundled with Webpack (using asynchronous import statements).
Is this possible in Retool? Thank you

Hey Luca! Just closing out this thread since it looks like you were already able to get in touch with one of my teammates (hi Kenny :wave:).

For anyone out there with a similar question, here's what Kenny shared:

I don't believe there's a method to lazy-load a module at the moment in Retool.

We have some docs on building performant apps (in case you haven't checked it out yet) that might be helpful in decreasing your app loading time. A common setup slowing app loading I see is running queries "automatically" instead of running them "manually".