Load a dataframe with a CSV file on Dropbox

Dear community !

I am discovering that wonderful Retool that makes coding an app a game-like ! Thanks for the work. Even though I love the tool I am stuck and could make good use of a little help :slight_smile:


I aim to read a CSV file from Dropbox into a Python DataFrame using Retool. I'm facing issues with base64 encoding via API requests and non-conformity in CSV structure via Axios.


  1. Utilized API request to fetch the CSV file from Dropbox, but the data comes as a base64 object.
  2. Used Axios in a code block to fetch the file; however, the string breaks the CSV structure.


For the API request, I get a base64 encoded object. For Axios, the string I receive doesn't conform to a valid CSV format.

I'm looking for a way to convert either the base64 object or the Axios string to a valid CSV that can be easily read into a Python DataFrame in Retool.

Is there a straightforward way to convert the base64 object or the Axios string into a valid CSV file for reading into a Python DataFrame? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I have fetched the files in JSON directly through the API of the provider. This is solved !