Listen for DomContentLoaded in Custom Component

Hello, How to listen to the DOMContentLoaded event of custom component?

Were you about to work this out?

Hey @Diskin @AnsonHwang, I don't believe you have access to any dom events in the custom component. Still there may be some way to achieve what you are looking to do. Care to share a bit more about your use case? Happy to dig in with you.

Hi @joeBumbaca
Thanks for giving this a look.

We were exploring dropping in a 3rd-party grid component in lieu of Retool's New Table.
(that's of course a little nuts, we can discuss why we've come to that separately if you'd like :grinning:) .

The question I had was how to best tie in the custom component to trigger events in the Retool App.
With AG Grid, for instance, listening to DOM event would be a relatively easy way to do that.

Got it! The intermediary between the custom component and the app itself is the custom component model. You can pass values back and forth, trigger app queries etc. We have docs on it here, but feel free to post any specific questions / errors that you are running into here.