List of string insert in Dynamo DB

I have list of string column in dynamo DB. I am able to view in table. I need to insert/modify list of string in dynamo db. How to achieve that

Hey @sunil.kumar10!

If you're looking to edit multiple rows you might need to manually program a loop since it doesn't look like Dynamo DB supports batch updates (here's a link to their list of actions). We have some documentation on how to write JS query that will execute a different query for each item in an array here.

If your list of strings is contained in a single row I think it would be helpful to know a little more about the structure of that column. I'm seeing a couple of approaches listed in this StackExchange thread and am curious to know if yours is similar.

Let me know what you're doing and we can help look into it further if need be! :slightly_smiling_face: