Linter Long or Infinite Warning Bug?

I have no idea if this is a bug or even how to title/classify it, but I've never seen a warning message this long before from Retool.

maybe it's suppose to display what looks like a call stack trace, but nothing else displays this info... I'm guessing because it's obvious where it's originating from on our end, cause the mouse is pointing at it :joy:. below is to compare with another warning


  • this is from a Retool Workflow query in a module.
  • the thread_id inside the {{ }} is passed in using additionalScope (I know, poor naming choice on my end using the same thing as the property name being passed to the workflow. it does work though)

This is a bug! But it's exposed by a syntax error in your code, it looks like you have "string', you should use double quotes or single quotes consistently.

What did you do?! 😂

lol i was actually in the middle of switching them when my screen had an full on war for screen space with the syntax enforcers and call stack protesters :laughing: